So.Me. Strategy


Don't follow the herd blindly, we can help you to draw a digital design roadmap that puts your KPIs and ROI in sharp focus.

The key is to open your mind to the full range of strategic possibilities—and risks—that digital brings. 

We help organizations win at digital by starting to think big and shout loud. Digital strategies fail more often because of too little ambition, rather than too much.

Let us help build new digital strategic muscles to complement traditional strengths and to ensure that new and old work together in an agile and coordinated way.

With our help you can maximize your digital marketing budget to make the most of your spend, all while driving your 'Cost Per Click' ever lower.

The best digital communications strategy is knowing what not to do ... we can help with that.

"In 2020 the world changed, now, how we communicate with that world must change. 

So in 2020, we set up So.Me. Media, Ireland's first high impact visual communications agency, because your message hasn't changed... but the way you say it may have to."